Toronto, ON

The clients sought out my help to develop a vision for the entire home remodel.


This project is a completely blank slate, and every detail - from smaller door hardware to wall colours, lighting and furnishings - needs to be carefully planned. The goal is to maximize the space and create a modern, minimalist and inviting interior curated with eco-friendly and sustainable materials and furnishing and infused with biophilic patterns.


I am excited about the journey of transforming wall studs into a home.


Toronto Bungalow | Viktoria Gilanyi Design

Montreal, QC

The clients were looking to create a more functional space that blends their existing vintage furniture and art with new elements. In addition, they wanted to incorporate biophilic patterns and sustainable solutions into their master suite. 


My vision for the space was to develop an inviting, soothing yet cheerful atmosphere that is authentic to the clients’ artistic souls. Natural materials, biomorphic shapes and plants brought this space to life. The colour palette of this project was inspired by and built around the clients’ beautiful quilt designed and made by professional fibre artist Kathleen Bissett.

Most of the recommended furnishing, accessories and the building materials (such as wood, stains and glues) came from sustainable sources. Each detail aims to evoke positive biological, emotional and mental responses and develop a toxin-free, healthier, eco-friendly and more sustainable environment. 

The project's scope: design concept, product recommendations and project implementation guidance.

Lupine Field_Bedroom_view1_web.jpg

Miami, FL

The client came to me with a desire to transform a storage room into a productive home office. They sought to find the best layout solution for this narrow space with a vaulted ceiling. 


My goal for this space was to leverage everything the large, backyard-facing window could offer. As natural light and view of rich vegetation positively impact mental attentiveness and cognitive performance, there was no doubt that the area in front of the window is the perfect place to accommodate the large, custom-sized desk. The reading nook in the corner, surrounded by plenty of wood materials, is designed to create a more intimate and relaxing atmosphere. The warm wood tones are meant to soften and warm up the cool northern light, while the soft blues bring in the coastal vibe of the location.   

The project's scope: design concept, product recommendations and project implementation guidance.

Palm Tree Home Office | Viktoria Gilanyi Design

Presov, SVK

The clients sought out my help to transform their bedroom into a modern, minimalist, refreshing space with tons of storage. The bed was hand-made by one of the clients, no wonder they wanted it to become an authentic and precious piece of the design. 


The room’s size was a little challenging, so each corner of the room had to be thoroughly planned. I envisioned custom storage solutions that visually blend into the architecture of the space - a low profile wardrobe on the side and by the window, floating nightstands and a floating dresser. Whites and light muted greens brought in purity and gentle sophistication authentic to the clients. Wood tones coordinating with the bed and pops of greenery were added to enhance relaxation and evoke the closeness of nature. 

Salter Street Bedroom | Viktoria Gilanyi Design

Vignettes (3D renderings) from non-featured projects.

Living Room _ Viktoria Gilanyi Design