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I believe that nature always creates timeless masterpieces, and its beauty should be manifested in our homes as well. A beautiful, nature-inspired home is more than an aesthetically pleasing space where we live. It is an experience that engages all our senses and evokes feelings of happiness, joy, well-being, security, relaxation and hope.

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"I am overwhelmed by home decor choices."

"I am starting from scratch but don't know where to start."

"My home lacks purpose and is not functional."

"I don't know how to choose flooring and paint that will go with my furniture."

"I am unable to incorporate the existing table, chair, bed, sofa."

"I feel tense and nervous, unable to focus when at home."

"I don't know what I want."

"The colour palette is just not right."

"My home decor is outdated/doesn't last."


"Something is missing."

"My home is uninviting."

"I am a DIY-er, but I lack the vision."

"My rental doesn't feel homey." 

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These are the most common problems my clients have when they reach out to me for the first time. And while each project is different, there is one goal that all my clients share - they want to feel joyful, relaxed and secure where they live, inspired by the beauty that surrounds them. They want each corner of their home to have a touch of nature and to reflect who they are.


I help my clients create purposeful, functional, laid-back, authentic, nature-inspired and sustainable spaces. By incorporating the patterns of biophilic design, I  transform my clients' homes into living spaces that support their health and well-being on greater level.

Through my in-person and virtual services, I serve clientele in Toronto and across Canada and the US.

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Viktoria Gilanyi Portrait

For as long as I can remember, I have loved beautiful spaces. My quiet admiration for interior design transformed into a passion for creation and constant design-related learning after years of law school and working as a lawyer.

Certification the from the New York Institute of Art & Design and continuous self-education provided me with a strong background to pursue my side hustle full-time.



Does your home support your well-being?

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